Garden & Patio Decorating Ideas

Use garden and patio decorating ideas to transform a static, ordinary environment into an inviting, comfortable place for you and your family. Even the addition of simple objects can change the look. Enjoy decorating your outside area--this project does not have to be expensive.


Select a theme, such as a color, a fantasy or a hobby, for your patio and garden. This makes it easier to choose your decorations. For instance, if you select a Mediterranean theme, add a water fountain, terracotta or tile wall art, and large terracotta pots filled with succulents, geraniums and native grasses. For an English garden theme, which is more formal, use furniture, lighting and plant stands made from wrought iron. Add a koi pond, benches and soft lighting to transform your garden and patio into an Oriental paradise.

Pots and Containers

Use potted plants to add warmth to your garden and patio. Cluster containers of different sizes, shapes and heights together to make an interesting arrangement. Fill the containers with flowering and nonflowering plants. Hang baskets and pots from overhanging eaves, roofs or lower tree limbs to surround yourself with greenery and blossoms.


Enhance your outdoor environment's theme with furniture. Place matching pieces on your patio and in your garden. Select a style that complements your theme. For example, bamboo or wood furniture work well with an Oriental theme, while wrought iron and wicker items are suitable for an English garden theme. Select a large table and chairs for your patio. Add benches and small tables to your garden.


Create an unusual environment with found objects. Decorate your garden and patio with such accent pieces as wagons, bicycles, wheels, bed headboards or farm equipment parts. Hang wind chimes or decorative glass items. Add attractive bird feeders and pinwheels that turn when the wind blows.

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