How to Remove a Tire on a Lawn Mower


Most lawn mower tires are made from hard rubber that only need replacing when they are damaged, such as damage caused by rotting or general wear and tear. You may also need to remove your lawn mower tire because it is wobbling. If that is the case, cleaning the hub where your tires are attached, replacing the washers and reassembling the tires may be all your lawn mower wheels need to get them to start working right again.

Step 1

Turn off the mower. Then, for safety measures, unplug the mower if it is electric or remove the spark plug, usually located on the front or side of your mower. The spark plug is removed by simply pulling it off.

Step 2

Gather a wrench or socket wrench that is the correct size to fit the bolt on your lawn mower wheels. Alternatively, you may need the key that came with your mower to unlock the tire from the hub.

Step 3

Unscrew the bolts with the key or wrench. Usually, the bolts turn in a counterclockwise direction to remove them. If a bolt is difficult to turn, spray WD-40 around the area to help loosen it up and try again.

Step 4

Remove the bolts and wheel from the hub. Set the bolts and washers aside in a safe place, like in a plastic dish or baggie. You are now ready to replace, readjust or fix your tire. Before putting a tire back on, clean the hub area of any dirt, grass and other debris.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench or key
  • Plastic dish or baggie


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