Mansion Landscaping Ideas

A multistoried mansion with a grand entryway, circular driveway and imposing balconies requires stately landscaping to match. While the mansion may have a kitchen garden with vegetables and herbs, it will be tucked away in the back out of sight. The flower-cutting garden will be out of view as well. The grounds will be manicured and impressive.

Knot Garden

Low-growing herbs and flowers are planted in intertwining designs. The gardens look best larger, since the design is more apparent than in smaller gardens. Most mansions have the space for an ample knot garden. They're also meant to be viewed from above, so plant the knot garden on a lower terrace. Good choices for plants are oregano, thyme, alyssum, lobelia and dianthus. Enclose the knot garden with a border of clipped, low-growing evergreens.


Fun for children and adults, a labyrinth is a maze with one entry and exit and lots of twists, turns and dead ends. The walls of the labyrinth are made of tall, dense shrubs, so it's not possible to see over or through the walls. Plan the labyrinth so the design can be changed from time to time. This requires planting some of the shrubs in pots and sinking the pots in the ground so the twists and turns can be changed.

Fountains and Pools

A large fountain in the middle of a pool surrounded by meticulously manicured lawn, groomed flowerbeds and pruned hedges fits in well with a mansion. Construct a raised bed around the pool so plants can be changed to fit the season. Grow the next season's flowers in pots in a side yard so they're ready to pop in immediately when the prior season has finished blooming. Try daffodils and pansies for spring, gerbera daisies or geraniums for summer and of course chrysanthemums and asters for autumn.

Secret Garden

Romance novels often have the would-be sweethearts meeting in a secret garden screened by gates, trellises and vines. Create your own secret garden in a hidden alcove of the mansion or in a grove of trees out of view. Surround the garden with a stone wall to keep up an air of mystery. Adding a fountain and benches is a nice touch. An outdoor fireplace with candle sconces provides warmth and light for evening use.

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