Spring Flowering Trees in the U.K.

When spring comes to the United Kingdom (U.K.), the trees burst in explosions of color, welcoming the change in temperature and sunlight. Represented as a symbol of awakening and new life, flowering trees are found in gardens, on city streets, in the botanical gardens and throughout the rolling countryside.

Bird Cherry

The bird cherry is a fragrant tree that grows to 10 feet in height. Displaying attractive white, star-shaped flowers in the spring, the blooms give way to small cherries that attract birds. The fruit is bittersweet and not popular to eat in Western Europe, but they are enjoyed in Russia. The bark from the tree was used in the Middle Ages to fend off the plague. The tree is also known as the hagberry.

Spindle Tree

A small bushy tree that tends to top out at around 12 feet, the spindle tree has delicate flowers that bloom in the spring. The flowers display an attractive pink fruit that opens to orange seedpods. However, the best is saved for autumn, when the leaves of the spindle tree turn bright red. Popular in English gardens, the tree grows in any kind of soil. The berries, leaves and bark of the tree are toxic to people and pets. In the United States, the tree is known as the wahoo tree.

Rowan Tree

In ancient times, the rowan tree was used to ward off evil, and even today it is used to frighten away witches and other nefarious creatures. A strong tree that will thrive wherever planted, it displays attractive creamy flowers in spring, giving way to bright red berries in the summer, and then gold and red foliage in the fall. Birds enjoy the tree for the berries.

Flowering Thorn

The flowering thorn produces attractive clusters of white flowers in the spring, followed by brilliant red fruit that attracts birds. The tree climbs to just over 30 feet in height and produces shiny green foliage. In fall, the tree turns bright orange and red. The flowering thorn is a hardy tree that likes the sun and any soil.


The hawthorn tree is a member of the rose family, and it produces paper white blossoms in the spring. The flowers often open simultaneously, giving the tree an attractive snow-covered appearance. A short tree, the hawthorn only reaches about 15 to 20 feet in height. The tree produced a fruit called a "haw", which is a berry. The flowers attract bees and hummingbirds, and the fruit attracts birds. This is a popular ornamental tree in England.

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