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Prom night is usually the most anticipated night for high school teenagers. It is a formal occasion, usually held in spring. Enthusiastic teenagers make arrangements for their dress or tuxedo, transportation, tickets and floral arrangements weeks in advance. These floral arrangements are given by boys to girls and vice versa. Some make them themselves to add a personal touch, while others prefer to purchase them from a florist.


A prom floral arrangement is basically a corsage, small bouquet or a boutonniere. A corsage comprises a few medium- to large-sized flowers or a central flower surrounded by tiny blooms. This mini flower arrangement is sewn to an elastic band or ribbon and presented to a girl who wears it on her wrist. Some corsages are pinned to the chest. A small bouquet comprises same or different colored flowers surrounded by foliage. The stems are cut down to 5 or 6 inches so a girl can hold it comfortably. A boutonniere, on the other hand, is given to a boy who wears it on his jacket or coat. It comprises a single flower surrounded by greenery.


Corsages became popular in the 18th century. A young man presented a corsage to a lady before an outing. It kept her hands free while dancing and socializing, as opposed to holding a bouquet throughout the evening. According to recent tradition, a boy presents his date a corsage or bouquet when he picks her up on prom night, and she presents him a boutonniere to adorn his lapel.


Prom floral arrangements serve as presents exchanged between the girl and boy. Sometimes a girl voices her preference for the flower colors several days in advance so they complement the colors of her dress.

Flower Varieties

People use a variety of real or silk flowers, or a combination of both to make prom floral arrangements. Roses, calla lilies, orchids, carnations and freesia are among commonly used ones. It is better to use semi hard stemmed flowers such as roses and carnations for a hand held bouquet, so they retain their shape all night. Depending on personal taste and colors of the prom dress, people use same color or different colored flowers. Most corsages, boutonnieres and hand-held corsages are surrounded by stems of baby's breath, ferns or even moss to structure the arrangement and add color.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are cheaper than real ones and available in different flower shapes, colors and sizes any time of the year. Most people prefer using these in floral arrangements because they make great keepsakes, recapturing memories of your special occasion.


While most couples discuss flower colors several days before prom night to make sure they complement the dress, others who retain the element of surprise use neutral shades such as white, off white, light yellow, baby pink and peach. Fresh flowers are best when making the prom floral arrangement yourself. It should be made the morning of the occasion, so it still looks fresh at night, and misted lightly a few times during the day. When purchasing from your local florist, it's best to discuss the look you want and the flowers you want to use a few days in advance.

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