How to Feed a Flowering Chili Plant


Chili peppers show up in many cultural culinary traditions. The fiery taste varies with the variety of pepper from mild to scalding, eye-watering hot. Growing chili peppers in your garden is a fun way to add a little fire to all of your favorite dishes. Feeding chili pepper plants is an important part of growing full, flavorful peppers while keeping the plant healthy throughout the growing season. As the peppers ripen, pinch them off at the stem. Not only will the plant keep producing, but by pinching off the ripe fruit you are encouraging the plant to produce more.

Step 1

Buy a high potash tomato food fertilizer at your local gardening store. The potash-heavy tomato food encourages flower and fruit development.

Step 2

Add liquid tomato food to water. Check the instructions on the back of the container to determine the amount.

Step 3

Use liquid tomato fertilizer every other time you water, or every seven to 14 days.

Things You'll Need

  • Tomato food fertilizer


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