How to Prune a Rubber Tree Plant


Rubber tree plants are some of the easiest to grow and care for. Requiring only a bright room out of direct sunlight and regular watering, a rubber tree can grow full and healthy. But with this growth, the rubber tree can become quite tall and sometimes requires pruning. While the plant can easily reach the ceiling of your home, and you want it to display its height, you should prune to keep it from hitting the ceiling and starting to bend over.

Step 1

Determine the height you want to try to keep your plant by taking into consideration the distance from floor to ceiling as well as what height you can easily and safely get to for pruning. The nature of the plant is to grow tall, so trying to keep it overly short is impractical.

Step 2

Find a point along a tall stem where you want to cut it, then travel down the stem to find a leaf. Use hand pruners to clip the stem clean off just above the leaf with a horizontal cut.

Step 3

Continue to cut any stems that have become too long until the entire plant is trimmed back. As you cut, try to create a natural look by keeping the stems at different lengths rather than having it look like the entire top of the plant got chopped off.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pruners


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