Outdoor Plant Gifts

An outdoor plant gift is ideal for almost anyone. It is especially appropriate for the person who seems to already have everything. It's always best if you have seen the person's landscaping. With the added knowledge of the recipient's home and yard style, as well as the size of his yard, you will be able to purchase just the right outdoor plant gift.


Choose a tree that matches the current outdoor décor and plants. If the person has several red maple trees, purchase another variety, such as a Japanese Maple, Silver Maple or Paperbark Maple. In other instances, when a person's yard has few or no trees, consider where a tree might be planted. Perhaps they have a busy lifestyle, leaving limited time for gardening. Choose a tree that will offer shade and require little care, such as the Royal Empress, Hybrid Poplar or the Autumn Blaze Maple. All three of these trees grow quickly, are attractive and offer an abundance of shade. A dwarf fruit tree is a nice outdoor plant gift for someone with minimal space. It can be planted in a small yard or kept potted on a deck or patio. A tree may not be the best outdoor plant gift for someone living in an apartment with only a small landing or balcony.

Hanging Baskets

Even a home with just a small entrance space or landing can accommodate a hanging basket or hanging container. The types of flowers that can be included in hanging baskets are too numerous to count. Some of the loveliest displays are a mixture of different types of blooms. Wave petunia, alyssum, bacopa and trailing verbena are all good hanging basket flower choices. This type of container can hold other plants besides flowers. Strawberry plants offer lovely blossoms and colorful fruit follows.


Potted bulbs are the perfect gift for the person with limited outdoor space. They can grow and bloom near the front door or on a balcony or deck. You can pre-pot the bulbs yourself, or purchase them along with a decorative container and enough potting soil to complete the job. Place the ingredients into the pot and wrap it in clear cellophane, tied at the top with a ribbon or raffia bow. Make sure to include instructions on planting and care, along with the names for the bulbs chosen. This gives the receiver of the gift the choice of planting the bulbs in the container or outdoors, directly into the ground. Tulips, daffodils and crocuses are some of the most popular flower bulbs chosen for outdoor plant gifts.

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