Vegetables That Grow in Shade

Vegetables and fruit love sunshine. It's difficult to escape that fact when it is the sun's rays that create the ripe, juicy yield that our summer table enjoys every growing season. Don't be discouraged from vegetable gardening, however, if your lawn is covered with trees or suffers from shady corners. There are some veggies that don't mind a little cover, especially in the hottest months of the season.

Leafy greens

Swiss chard, spinach, cabbage, leaf lettuce, mustard and beet variety greens are all examples of leafy vegetables that typically create a tasty crop even in moderate amounts of shade. Expect specimens with delicate, thin leaves as compared to a crop grown in full sun.

Root vegetables

Although root veggies require more light than many other vegetables to produce underground edibles, some species may be grown with success in limited or partial shade. Turnips, radishes and beets should provide adequate produce when the gardener is forced to grow them without access to full sun. Texas A&M horticulture experts suggest growing these particular root veggies in portable containers. This practice allows the gardener to take advantage of daily areas of sunlight in the limited gardening area for better results.


Part of the family Fabaceae or Leguminosae, legumes include beans and peas and are a healthy source of nutrients for people and animals. If you are looking to save a little money by growing your own sources of protein and you are faced with the challenge of gardening in shade, you are in luck. Both these legumes should create a harvestable crop given partial sunlight and enough room for roots to spread out without too much competition.

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