Names of Garden Bulbs

Garden bulbs are typically planted in the fall or winter season for early spring bloom. Bulbs are great for setting out in specific locations for flowers and plants, whether it is in a planter, a border, or in a mass planting garden plot. Some typically garden bulb favorites are lilies, daffodils and crocuses.

Calla Lily

Calla lily, Zantedeschia aethiopica, is from the arum family. It can get to 2 feet in height with pink and yellow blooms. Leaves are large and arrow shaped. Plant this one in rich moist soil in full sun or light shade. Propagate via clump division and grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 8 to 10. This plant varies by cultivar chosen.


Dahlia, Dahlia spp., is from the aster/daisy family. It is a fragrant perennial that will have fern-like leaves and get up to 4 to 6 feet tall. Flowers will range from 2 inches wide to 10 inches wide and be white, yellow, pink, red, or purple. Plant this one in well fed and well drained soil in full sun. Propagate via tuber division, seed or basal shoot cuttings and grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 8 to 10.

Canna Lily

Canna lily, Canna x generalis, is from the canna family. It is a fast growing and easy to grow perennial that gets 30 inches to 8 feet tall depending on their cultivar. Colors can vary as well, and can be cream, yellow, orange, or red. Plant this one in sun or partial shade in moist soil. Propagate via rhizome division and grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 8 to 12.


Amaryllis, Hippeastrum hybrids, is from the amaryllis family and is a perennial. Stems are 18 to 20 inches long with 6 inch wide flowers and 16 to 20 inch long dark green leaves. Flowers are 2 to 7 in number and range from white, red, pink, and orange. Plant this one in shade and in well drained soil. Propagate via bulb offsets or seed and grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11.

Autumn Crocus

Autumn crocus, Colchicum autumnale, is from the lily family and is a perennial. Flowers are 5 to 7 inches tall and 2 to 3 inches wide in white, pink, purple or lavender. Leaves are strap like and 6 to 12 inches long. Plant this one in full sun or partial shade in well drained soil. Propagate via clump division or by corms and grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 8.

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