How to Prune Hemerocallis Chicago Rose Day Lilly Plants


Chicago rose daylily, also known as Chicago apache daylily, is a hybrid daylily that blooms in hues of deep red with ruffle-edged petals. Like all daylilies, they grow from underground rhizomes and bloom in profusion with each flower head lasting roughly 24 hours--hence their name. Hybrid daylilies benefit from limited pruning throughout the growing season to harvest fresh blooms and deadhead spent flower heads. Top foliage is removed entirely in colder climates, but can remain green year round in warmer climes.

Step 1

Harvest fresh blooms just as they open for use in short lived cut-flower arrangements. Place a cut with clean secateurs down at the crown of the plant between the strap-like foliage.

Step 2

Dead head the spent flower heads as each flower fades, cutting just the bloom head off and leaving the remaining buds and blooms on the stalk intact.

Step 3

Remove the entire flower stalk down to the crown of the plant once all of the buds have unfurled and finished blooming.

Step 4

Prune away discolored, dead, diseased or damaged foliage and flower stalks as needed throughout the growing season placing all cuts down at the bottom of the stem in between the leaves.

Step 5

Shear down the dying or dead top foliage in the late fall after the first hard frost or in the spring before new green shoots emerge. Cut away all of the foliage to just an inch or so above the crown of the plant. In warm climes, prune away just the discolored foliage and allow the plants to remain intact throughout the winter, as they will sometimes continue to bloom.

Things You'll Need

  • Secateurs
  • Long-blade scissor shears


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