Why Use a Mulching Mower?


A mulching lawn mower has special blades which cut and re-cut grass clippings so they can be returned into the lawn. This poses many benefits for home owners and others responsible for lawn care. Some of the benefits of a mulching mower are free lawn fertilizer, time savings, more powerful mowers, better cutting blades and greener living.

Free Fertilizer

Mulching mowers basically chop blades of grass into tiny pieces and redistribute them evenly to the lawn. Grass clippings are about 85% water and 5% nitrogen, both of which are good for the lawn. In small particle form, the clippings break down more quickly adding those nutrients and moisture back into the soil. This eliminates the need for additional fertilizers to be added to the lawn.

Better Power Usage

Mowers that mulch need stronger engines to accommodate handling the extra chopping and the additional grass contained under the deck during the chopping process. Some industrial models go as high as 50 horsepower. Some use kickers or special blades that allow the grass to be suspended during the chopping process. Once it is cut into small enough pieces, it falls to the ground. The added power makes the mower work more efficiently than other mowers because it prevents drain on the motor caused by the extra grass under the deck.

Special Cutting Blades

The blades used in a mulching mower come in a variety of styles. Some have multiple cutting edges while others have a saw-toothed appearance. The angle of the blades causes the grass to be held up high inside the deck allowing it to be cut and re-cut. Mulching blades are also capable of handling leaves though it is recommended that only moderate amounts of leaves be mulched into the lawn as they have less nutrient value.

Saving Time

Being able to mulch grass clippings back into the lawn saves you the time of emptying a discharge bag or picking up clumps of grass clippings from the lawn. Raking leaves can be eliminated by a mulching mower providing there is not an abundance of leaves. There is no need to spread fertilizer which saves additional time.

Greener Living

Using grass clippings to fertilize the lawn reduces the amount of chemicals that would otherwise be added to the soil through the use of fertilizer. Mulching leaves and grass reduces yard waste that could ultimately end up in a landfill, taking up precious space. Mulching is a recycling process in itself, putting nutrients back into the soil with nothing going to waste.

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