How to Oxygenate Pond Plants


Providing proper aeration is vital to the health of your pond. The bacteria that break down pollutants and provide vital biological filtration for your pond require oxygen for survival, as do pond fish. By monitoring the water quality of your pond and incorporating regular water tests into your routine, you can ensure proper oxygenation of your pond plants and maintain the overall health of your pond system.

Step 1

Watch for signs of poor oxygenation in the pond. Fish gasping on the surface of the water, foul odors and excessive algae growth can all be indicators of poor pond aeration.

Step 2

Include oxygen testing with O2 test kits in your regular pond maintenance routine.

Step 3

Add a water fountain or bubbler to break the water surface and allow gas exchange and aeration.

Step 4

Install an air pump, which will push oxygen directly into the pond water.

Step 5

Add plants that are good oxygenators to the pond, such as anacharis.

Step 6

Remove dead leaves and other debris from the surface and bottom of the pond regularly; these materials use oxygen as they decay.

Step 7

Keep the water filters clean; this will keep them running more efficiently and provide better water movement to oxygenate your pond.

Step 8

Change part of the water if the water quality deteriorates. Use dechlorinated water and don't change more than a third of the pond's water at one time. The water change will replenish some of the oxygen lost to decaying plant matter.

Things You'll Need

  • Oxygen testing kit
  • Water fountain or bubbler
  • Air pump
  • Water dechlorinator


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