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If you need a sturdy, smaller tractor for moving loads of dirt or manure in your garden, or mucking out the cow stalls on your 10-acre homestead, Kioti tractors may be an affordable option. The basic facts about Kioti tractors will help you determine if this type of tractor is the one you want to use for your landscaping and small farming needs.


In comparison to older tractor companies, such as John Deere and International, Kioti tractors are relatively new to the tractor scene. According to the Kioti Tractor website, a South Korean manufacturer of tractors called Daedong, Inc. started making Kioti tractors available in the United States in 1986. Kioti Tractor officially opened its Wilson, North Carolina headquarters in 1993 and began manufacturing the DK Series tractor six years later.


Kioti tractors are bright orange with black trim. Kioti tractors all have a wide front-end, with the two front tires located further apart to provide better traction for tough farm jobs. The best way for you to distinguish this tractor from other similarly colored tractors, such as Kubota, is to look for the Kioti company name and the tractor series number, which are both located along the side of the tractor's body. Look for the Kioti howling wolf logo and its motto ("run ahead of the pack") on the front of the tractor as well.


Kioti produces compact tractors for various small-scale residential, commercial and agricultural applications. As of January 2010, Kiota's DK Series includes 10 models, ranging in size from 35 horsepower to 90 horsepower. Kiota's LK Series includes two 20 to 30-horsepower tractors designed for use in commercial situations, such as digging pipelines. Kioti's utility tractor line, the CK Series, consists of eight models; the smallest has a 20-horsepower engine and the largest has a 35-horsepower engine.


Kioti tractors have a range of features that make them particularly suited for smaller farm and garden operations, especially for people who may not be extremely familiar with farm machinery. You can choose between a manual transmission or a hydrostatic transmission, an important consideration if you're not used to using a clutch. Other available features include cruise control, power steering, four-wheel drive, an adjustable three-point hitch and a foldable Rollover Protection System (ROPS), a safety measure that helps keep your body from getting crushed if your tractor tips over.


When selecting a Kiota tractor, determine what jobs you'll use it for before you go on your search. Kiota specializes in compact tractors, so if you'll need a tractor for extended, large-scale agricultural tasks, such as harvesting hundreds of acres of crops each year, Kiota tractors may not be the best match for you.

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