Honey Plants of California

Honey plants are those plants that give nectar so that bees can collect it to create honey. Bees collect nectar from dozens of different plants, and different plants give different flavors and colors of honey. California is home to many plants that bees are partial to, and hives all over the state are testament to the large variety of honey plants in the state. Some uncommon and flavorful honeys can be found made from these honey plants.


The eucalyptus plant is a California native that give a dark honey with medicinal uses. Eucalyptus honey is commonly used for chest colds and other respiratory ailments. It has a strong taste like peppermint and can be useful for treating asthma.

Orange Blossom

Perhaps one of the more famous honeys made from California flowers is orange blossom honey. Oranges are grown all over the state, and the honey produced from these flowers is light in color with a citrus flavor that is a favorite in tea.

Star Thistle

The star thistle is a weed with thorns that most California gardeners are happy to get out of their garden. It crowds out other plants and is toxic to horses. Star thistle honey, on the other hand, is a treat that not many want to pass up. This honey is darker in color and has an almost buttery taste.


Many raspberries are grown in southern California and their resulting flowers are material for a wonderful and popular honey. The flavor is sweet and fruity and the color is medium with a red hue.

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