Nursery Supplies for Plants

To run a successful nursery, certain types of supplies should be kept on hand at all times. This makes it possible for nursery workers to care for the plants and run the nursery business, without the need to leave and collect supplies every day. By keeping items on hand, nursery workers can manage their time more successfully, and, therefore, create a more successful business.

Soils, Compost and Mulch

Keep a variety of soils, compost and mulches on hand. Organic is best. It is possible to create compost and mulches on the premises, negating the need to purchase them. This can be done behind the nursery, out of site. Be sure to have bags of these products on hand to sell to customers as well. Having this convenience for them means more profits for you.


Be sure to keep a wide variety of planters on hand in different shapes and sizes. Purchase these in bulk to save money. Starter multiple pack planters are especially helpful to have on hand. By purchasing low-cost versions, it is possible to pass that savings onto the customer. Plant hangers should also be purchased in bulk. Using these to hang plants above tables frees up much needed space.

Plant Food

Purchase organic plant foods or make them using compost. These help plants to grow to maturity more easily. Healthy plants will be more likely to survive once the customer takes them home. Consumers will also choose healthy looking plants over tiny ones. Consider keeping enough of these products on hand to sell to customers as well.

Pest Repellent

Keep pest repellents handy to allow for immediate removal of these damaging creatures. Be sure that the options chosen for this purpose are organic. Customers want healthy plants, not toxic ones. Keep these products handy so that pests can be removed as soon as they are noticed.


Purchase coverings for early planting and late growing seasons. These can be made from fabric or another material, as long as they will hold in heat.


A wide variety of supports should also be kept on hand. Tomatoes, peas and other plants need them. Simple cages can be used. Trees may just need wood slats and twine for support. Other plants may need mini trellises before they are sold. It is best to be prepared for all circumstances.

Seeds and Bulbs

Organic seeds can be saved from year-to-year if done properly. They can also be sold to customers. Purchasing bulbs in bulk and keeping unplanted ones refrigerated will also be helpful.

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