Fastest Growing Garden Vegetables

If you desire fresh, homegrown salads early in the summer season, but you are a little short on patience, fortunately there are veggies that will accommodate your penchant. With speedy germination and a fast track to mature produce, these root, leafy green and gourd vegetables will work magic in the soil in two months or less with fantastic results. Vegetables like leeks and potatoes, in contrast, will take twice as long to mature. Pay attention to planting times in your area and know whether the variety you are planting can survive late frosts or evening cold snaps. Prepare the soil with organic matter, such as clean compost, before sowing seeds and water consistently for optimum results.

Root Vegetables

If you want to be eating a veggie you grew from seed before the completion of a month, the radish is your best bet. The popular Easter Egg cultivar, with pretty shades of purple, pink, deep red and white orbs, will require 25 days before gracing your salad. Cherry Bell, a true red, circular-formed radish, will win the race every time with a speedy 22 days until maturity. These hard-working favorites are hardy down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leafy Greens

Two leafy green favorites are both hardy down to 40 degrees and will speedily grow into a healthy crop. Spinach, that vitamin-rich leafy green, produces a harvest within 40 days. Kohlrabi confuses some gardeners into classifying it as a root veggie since its edible white, round underground form resembles turnips. Considered a leafy green vegetable, Kohlrabi will mature for picking by day 50.


The cucurbita family is a large one, encompassing the familiar squash, melon and pumpkin. However, this large bunch also includes cucumbers, which are a fast-growing veggie worth giving a try. Fifty-five days from planting should yield ready-to-pick specimens. Patty pan, yellow crook neck, yellow straight neck and scallop are all summer squash that should go from seed to table in as few as 50 days. These two crops require a more moderate climate, optimally 70 to 95 degrees, to germinate and thrive, and will not tolerate frost.

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