Hydroponics Gifts

Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants in a nutrient solution rather than in soil. Most widely known in popular culture for the illegal growing of marijuana, hydroponics actually has a huge following among gardeners of vegetables and flowering plants. Growing hydroponically usually requires some indoor space or a greenhouse as well as numerous lights, nutrients and monitoring devices, so it's a hobby with a lot of upkeep. You can help keep a grower producing with some hydroponic gifts.


There are many "I love Hydroponics" T-shirts available that make terrific gifts for the enthusiast. "Green" T-shirts also make thoughtful gifts, as many hydroponic growers believe in sustainable resources. For the "hippie" grower, a tie-died shirt with a peace symbol and the words, "I love hydroponics" would fit right in with his wardrobe, and there are hydroponic T-shirts that use the marijuana leaf motif, too.


A hydroponics grower can grow anything from flowering plants to vegetables, herbs and even tobacco. Seeds get it all started, though, so put together a gift basket to help a grower start a variety of plants. Purchase seeds for plants the gardener already enjoys, or introduce her to some new varieties of houseplants and vegetables. Add some growing medium and fertilizer to complete the gift.

Growing Supplies

The hydroponics hobby can get costly, so the gardener will appreciate gifts of lighting fixtures, nutrients, plant stimulants and timers. Get a new hydroponics grower started with a full lighting system or fully automated lighting and growing system like the Dual System Bubbleponics.


A novice hydroponics hobbyist will appreciate reference materials. "The Hydroponic Bible (Volume 1)" by Chris Kovach or "Hobby Hydroponics" by Howard M. Resh are two great books for beginners. Experienced growers may like "Hydroponic Home Food Gardens" by Howard M. Resh. A subscription to a hydroponics magazine is a gift that comes every month; "Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses" or "Maximum Yield" are two useful magazines that will inspire your hobbyist throughout the year.

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