How to Dig a Stock Pond


Fish are big business these days. Between edible fish, fertilizers and pet fish, fish breeding and growing can be very profitable. The best way to start in this business venture is to make sure you have an appropriate, clean and comfortable stock pond for your fish.

Step 1

Determine the location for the stock pond. The optimal location is one near a natural water source, to permit irrigation of the pond as necessary.

Step 2

Mark out the layout of the pond in the dirt. This can be done either with marking chalk or simply by drawing lines in the dirt.

Step 3

Begin digging the pond. An ideal pond will have some steps set at no steeper than a 30-degree angle. This angling of the steps allows for better cleaning but still provides a place for plants to grow.

Step 4

Once the pond is dug, cover the entire pond with 1 inch of sand. This will protect the pond liner from rocks and roots that might poke through.

Step 5

Spread the liner out over the pond and hold the edges in place with some rocks.

Step 6

Fill the pond. The liner naturally will spread out and sit correctly as the pond fills.

Things You'll Need

  • Marking chalk
  • Shovel
  • Sand
  • Pond liner
  • Rocks


  • FAO: How to take care of your fish pond
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