Fall Leaf Centerpiece Ideas

The fall season brings crisp air, cool nights and the turning of the leaves. Trees begin their magnificent show to produce vibrant colors in copper, burgundy and yellow. The leaves begin their fall, and the earth is sprinkled with deep jewel tones. These stunning leaves are the perfect addition to any centerpiece. They are budget-friendly and a wonderful way to create a festive addition to the table.

Fall Bouquet Centerpiece

Create a vibrant fall bouquet using a mix of fall blooms, green foliage and bright fall leaves. To make the centerpiece, use a cleaned out white pumpkin shell as the vase. Use sprigs of red currants to create the backdrop and framework for the arrangement. Accent with fall colors of yellow, orange, red and green. Nestle in orange roses, winter jasmine and yellow tulips for a gorgeous centerpiece. For bits of foliage add sprigs of holly and hypericum berries. Their red berries and deep green leaves add a stunning contrast to the bright blooms. On either side of the centerpiece add a freshly cut branch filled with colorful fall leaves to flank either side of the centerpiece. Let the leaves fall to the table for an unexpected touch to the design.

Fall Table Runner

Bring vibrant fall cover to your dining table with a fall leaf runner. Create the runner using a cloth table runner along the center of the table to create the backdrop for the fall leaves. Next, randomly sprinkle the fallen leaves over the runner for a festive look to the table. In between the leaves, add miniature white pumpkins and pale green pears to contrast with the fall leaves. Set a cake stand or small vase filled with leaves to center the runner and add height to the table.

Fall Basket Centerpiece

Turn an old wicker basket into an unexpected centerpiece to your table. Fill the basket with colorful fall leaves and fragrant pine cones. The texture and shape of the pine cones add an unexpected touch to the centerpiece. Extend the pine cone theme and use them as place card holders at your next dinner party. Nestle the card within the deep groove of the cone, and your guests will be delighted. Use acorns and gourds for more color and to add unusual shape to the basket. Nestle in bare vines from a wisteria or grapevine to weave through the basket arrangement and create a fabulous fall arrangement.

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