How to Plant a Fruiting Cherry Tree


There is nothing like the sight of a cherry orchard in spring when the trees are covered and dripping with cherry blossoms. After the flower show is over is an even better time for cherry tree fans because it heralds the beginning of summer and bowls of crisp, juicy cherries. Cherries are not that difficult to grow as long as you can provide the tree with a chilly winter and something to keep the birds from eating the cherries before you can pick them. Plant the cherry tree in the spring as soon as the ground thaws.

Step 1

Choose a spot in the garden that gets sunshine all day, has no low-lying areas and gets good air circulation.

Step 2

Dig a hole in the planting site to the depth that the tree is currently growing and twice the diameter. Place the removed soil in a pile off to the side.

Step 3

Add a 3-inch layer of coarse compost to the soil removed from the hole and mix well with the gardening fork.

Step 4

Place the cherry tree into the planting hole. If the roots seem crowded, remove the tree and enlarge the hole. The roots should have enough room to be spread out completely.

Step 5

Backfill the hole halfway, tamping down the soil as you go to remove air pockets. Water the soil well and allow the soil to settle. Pack it down again and fill the hole the rest of the way.

Step 6

Water the tree well; give it at least 2 gallons of water. Researchers at the Virginia Cooperative Extension suggest watering the tree every 14 days (for the tree's first year) unless there has been one inch of rain since the last watering.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Coarse compost
  • Gardening fork
  • Water


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