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Gardening is a relaxing and rewarding pastime, but gardeners may be difficult to shop for if you're unfamiliar with the hobby yourself. Help your family and friends keep their home gardens in top shape, with tools for planning, planting, decorating and enjoying their outdoor spaces. Home garden gifts are sure to be a hit whether you're shopping for a serious garden guru or a casual outdoor decorator.


Serious gardeners spend the cold winter months envisioning their next garden the coming spring. Help this process along with a few handy resources. The Plant Wheels available from LeeValley.com put a new twist on garden planning. Each of the three different wheels features color photos, bloom times and light needs for 25 different plants. The wheel contains three rings representing the varying heights of the plants. The user can spin the wheels to match up various flowers and see how they look side by side while also determining if their light and water needs are comparable. For a planning tool that can be used year round, consider the gift of a garden journal that will help even the most scatterbrained gardener stay organized.


Popular garden gifts for the avid gardener often consist of useful tools to keep their flowers bright and blooming. Give these tools a more meaningful twist by selecting sets that are personalized with the recipient's name or initials embroidered on a tool bag or gardening apron. Sets such as the Gardening For the Cause Kneeling Set or Tool Set available from PlowHearth.com will be especially meaningful to supporters of the fight against breast cancer as these gifts help to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. New homeowners will love staking claim to their piece of land with a personalized yard sign such as the Spring Tulip Personalized Decorative Yard Stake from PersonalizationMall.com. This sign features an initial monogram as well as a full last name.


Gifts of outdoor decor can serve to brighten the landscape of the home as well as the garden. The casual gardener who prefers to limit her hands on work will appreciate a set of brightly colored Grobel self-watering flower pots. Whimsical homeowners can turn their yard into a fanciful playground for imaginary creatures with an Elfin Tree Door and Toad House Castle from PlowHearth.com.


In many climates, outdoor gardens can only be enjoyed for a short period of time each year. With the right tools, you can give a bit of garden enjoyment year round. Pair a camera with a simple book on outdoor photography and a set of picture frames to enable your friend to photograph her prized flowers at their peak and enjoy them in her home all year. Children and adults alike will enjoy the Plant Cam, which will photograph outdoor gardens at intervals ranging from every 30 seconds to once a day. With this tool, a whole season of photos is converted into a short video chronicling the past few months of growth.

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