Pretty Garden Decoration Ideas

Garden accents add a personal touch to the landscape, reflecting the personality of your beautiful outdoor living space. Garden decorations come in the form of practical accents, such as birdbaths or feeders. Decorations also come in the form of statues, fountains and garden furniture used to functionally enhance the outdoor environment. A wealth of items exist to suit preferences from formal to informal, whimsical items. Garden decorations should be designed to withstand the weather and continued outdoor exposure so that the accent piece graces your garden for many years.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are functional and beautiful. Feeders have evolved from traditional wooden hanging boxes to elaborate molded concrete shapes suitable for hanging on a wall or fence. Bird feeders bring more than just a pretty garden decoration to the landscape. You'll have plenty of birds to add to the beauty of your landscape as well.


Statues have become a mainstay in the home garden. Cute woodland critters such as squirrels and bunnies often grace the walkways of the home garden. More formal statuary of cupids and gargoyles add a cultured feel to the landscape. Statues can often be paired with formal fountains to add a water feature to the garden area. Statues come in a wide variety of sizes and choices to suit individual preferences.


Traditional garden benches go hand-in-hand when envisioning a cottage garden with trellises and arbors. Benches serve as a pretty garden decoration with functional aspects as well. Adding a bench to the landscape invites visitors to relax and enjoy the floral display in your garden. Designs range from cement cast benches to wooden benches with attached planters or trellises. All garden benches serve the purpose of asking your visitors to stop and enjoy the view.


One beautiful addition to the landscape reigns supreme in creating an inviting outdoor living space. Planters exist in all shapes, sizes and colors to achieve any decorative look imaginable. One current trend involves placing groupings of planters together to create an impromptu garden right on the patio or deck. Unique designs include hand-painted pots, etched designs or specialty wood planters.

Wind Chimes

A beautiful garden isn't complete without the addition of a wind chime. Wind chimes add a gentle decorative accent to the garden space with many varieties being made of metal and wood. These decorations blend with the garden landscape and emit light music with the hint of a breeze. Suspend chimes from a wrought-iron plant hanger right in the garden space to add visual interest to your flower beds.

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