Azaleas That Bloom Twice a Year

The azalea is a flowering shrub, with 17 species that are native to the United States (Azalea Society of America). Known for their beautiful, but short-lasting blooms, growers have tinkered with the plant in different ways, producing collections of azaleas that bloom more than once a year. Azaleas are usually mentioned in the same sentence as rhododendron, and, in fact, belong to the same genus.

Autumn Royalty

'Autumn Royalty' is a variety of Encore azalea, and actually an azalea/rhododendron hybrid. In fact, this plant was voted Azalea of the Year by the American Rhododendron Society. All Encore azaleas can bloom three times per year, depending upon your location. They are grown like standard azaleas but need just a bit more sun each day. The 'Autumn Royalty' blooms are large, and gorgeous shade of purple.

Autumn Starlight

Another Encore azalea, this one with 3-inch white blooms with pink freckles and an occasional pink stripe, reminiscent of some petunia varieties. The light green, narrow foliage creates a delicate backdrop for the flowers. Encore azaleas prefer a somewhat acid soil, they only need to be fertilized once a year and are hardy to USDA zones 7 through 10.

Pink Craze

This azalea, from the Bloom 'N Again® line of azaleas, is cold hardy to -10 degrees F, and needs to be planted in an area of dappled sunlight. The "Pink Craze" will bloom in September and then again in the spring. The flower is a very light, delicate shade of pink.

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