Flower Arranging Gifts

Whether the recipient is a professional florist or simply enjoys floral arranging as a hobby, a floral-themed gift is a good choice. Gifts that relate to flower arranging indulge the recipient in tools of the trade that allow her to practice her hobby. Knowing what type of flower arranging items the recipient already owns helps you select a one-of-a-kind gift she will enjoy.

Flower Arrangement Gift Basket

Homemade gift baskets offer flexibility with the contents. You have control over what goes into the basket, which also means you have more control over the cost. A decorative basket serves as the base for this flower-arranging gift. Raffia and silk flower petals make a fitting filler for the bottom of the gift basket. Items such as vases, floral wire, floral foam and glass marbles for the bottom of the vase create the bulk of this gift. Arrange them neatly in the basket along with a bouquet of fresh or silk flowers for the recipient's first floral arrangement.

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate is a good solution when you're not sure what the recipient might want or need. A florist, plant nursery or craft store gift certificate matches the floral arrangement theme. The specific type of flower arrangement the recipient prefers influences the final decision. For example, if she prefers silk flower arrangements, a craft store gift certificate is a good option.

Floral Arrangement Book

Books with floral arrangement ideas inspire the recipient in her hobby. Craft stores often sell books related to flower arrangements. Home improvement and book stores are other options for locating an instructional book on the subject of floral arrangements.

Flower Arranging Class

A local floral arrangement class provides a gift opportunity for an aspiring floral arranger. Paying the fees for the class allows the recipient to learn more about her hobby. If you also have an interest in flower arrangement, take the class together as a bonding experience. Dinner before or after the class turns it into an entertaining evening on the town. Community education programs, local floral shops and community colleges may offer a class on floral arrangement.

Assorted Vases

Those who enjoy arranging flowers usually enjoy collecting vases as well. A variety of vases made from different materials work well as a gift. The decor of the recipient's home plays a role in selecting vases she will most appreciate. Also consider containers such as mason jars, pitchers or cookie jars that double as vases. Ribbons or bows to adorn the vases add the finishing touches to this flower-arranging gift idea.

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