How to Plant Azalea in B.C.


Azaleas do well in zones 5 through 9, with a few varieties being cold hardy to zone 4. Azaleas will grow exceptionally well in coastal areas of British Columbia, such as Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and the Gold Coast. However, some areas of the province, such as inland areas or areas at higher elevations, may be too cold. Planting and growing azaleas in coastal areas is very easy.

Step 1

Remove your young azalea from its nursery pot. If the plant sticks, cut the pot off. Plant your azalea in the spring after any risk of frost has passed.

Step 2

Dig a hole just deep enough to accommodate the root ball with the soil at the same level on the main stem as it was in the nursery pot. Azaleas have very shallow root systems, so be careful not to dig too deep.

Step 3

Dig the hole about a foot wider on all sides than the root ball. This will ensure that there is enough loose soil for the roots to establish themselves in.

Step 4

Place your azalea in the hole and gently fill in the soil. Pack the soil gently.

Things You'll Need

  • Young azalea
  • Shovel


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