Meaning of the Colors of Roses


It is true that all flowers are a source of charm and wonder. But the rose is unsurpassed in its complex beauty, alluring scent, and arcane symbolism. According to fossil evidence, the rose has been around for 35 million years. In its lengthy history, the rose has represented love, beauty, war and death. The color of a rose says just as much as its stunning appearance. Each color symbolizes an attribute, a quality, a special characteristic conveyed to the recipient.


Often associated with marriage, the white rose is sometimes called the bridal rose. It represents young love, humility, purity and innocence.


Ever popular as a Valentine's Day offering, the red rose represents love. It also symbolizes enduring passion, respect, and the creative spirit of love.


Hundreds of years ago the yellow rose represented jealousy. Today, however, this rose symbolizes friendship, gladness and affection.


Enthusiasm and desire are suggested when giving an orange rose. It also symbolizes admiration and attraction.


A light hue of this rose symbolizes gentility, femininity and elegance. A deep pink rose expresses admiration, sincerity and sympathy.

Lilac or purple

A rose of mysticism and enchantment, a lilac rose symbolizes love at first sight.


In nature a black rose does not actually exist. Rather it is a very deep red which suggests black. It symbolizes death. However, some believe it to symbolize death of old habits, clearing the way to rebirth.

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