Instructions on Making Wrist Corsages


Wearing a wrist corsage is like connecting with a piece of nature's beauty. These types of corsages are often worn by young girls in their teens and 20s. Make them with fresh flowers or silk (artificial) flowers. Both are beautiful, but the choice of silk flowers allows you to make corsages in advance, without fear of flower wilt. If you choose fresh flowers for the corsage, make them no sooner than the day before they will be worn. Place them in the refrigerator, protected from bumps and strong smells.

Step 1

Choose a focal flower. This is the largest, brightest flower you will be using. If you desire, you can choose three medium-sized flowers, placed together. Choose additional smaller flowers and greenery that match well with the focal flower(s). Big-box stores, floral supply stores and craft shops have a wide selection of silk flowers to choose from. Purchase fresh flowers from your local florist or grocery store.

Step 2

Loop two or more yards of satin ribbon, back and forth, to form the base of the corsage. Wrap a small piece of thin wire around the center and twist it to hold the ribbon in place. Fan the ribbon loops outwards. Glue the center of the ribbon onto the center of the elastic corsage bracelet, inside the metal prongs. Snip off any excess ribbon, with your scissors, at an angle.

Step 3

Cut the leaves from the flower stems with your scissors or wire cutter. Place two or three leaf stems onto the corsage bracelet, over the ribbon. Work them around, until you have a pleasing configuration. Remember the flowers will go over the leaves, so make sure the leaves are spread out enough to show on the completed corsage.

Step 4

Snip the smaller flower (bud) stems about three inches below the flower. Place them onto the corsage bracelet. Again, remember that the larger flowers are yet to be placed. Make sure you will see these smaller flowers once the larger ones are glued down.

Step 5

Wrap thin wire around the center of the wrist corsage bracelet, making sure the leaf and flower stems are caught into the wire. This will give the corsage added structure and strength. Use your wire cutter to cut the wire at the top of the corsage. Bend the wire into the flowers in a manner that will keep the wearer from being scratched.

Step 6

Cut the stem(s) of the focal flower(s) just under the bottom of the flower. Glue them onto the center of the wrist corsage. Bend the metal prongs over the floral contents. Work leaves and flowers around to cover the metal. Wait until the glue is completely dried before the wrist corsages are worn.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers
  • Florist glue
  • Satin ribbon
  • Thin florist wire
  • Elastic corsage bracelet (wristband)
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutter


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