White Dendrobium Orchid


Many people think orchid cultivation is difficult and time-consuming. Orchid cultivation is not a form of magical ritual. With proper care and water, growing orchids is no different from growing other houseplants. White dendrobium orchids are, in fact, one of the easier orchids to grow.


White dendrobium orchids are very popular because they are easy to grow and flower prolifically. These orchids usually flower in the fall or winter and have flowers that remain open for several weeks. There are several subspecies of dendrobium orchid that are white. All are very similar in appearance.


In nature, orchids grow on trees, branches and rotting wood below a higher canopy of a taller forest. Orchids, including white dendrobium orchids, grow best in bright light that has periods of shade. Most orchids thrive in an east- or west-facing window where they receive full sun for part of the day and indirect light for other parts. Ideally, try to give white dendrobium orchids 20 to 30 percent direct light per day.


Orchids grow in nature on dead, dying or living tree branches. They don't grow in soil. Most people grow orchids in a combination of sterile fiber or shredded tree bark. As a result, orchid pots are often light and top heavy. So take care with placement.


Water your white dendrobium orchids whenever the growing medium feels dry. If you grow your orchids as hanging plants and allow the roots to grow outside the pot, then water more frequently. Mist your orchids when you water, and don't overwater or allow the growing medium to become soggy. Orchids can be sensitive to root rot.


Orchids growing in sterile media can benefit from a balanced liquid fertilizer. Fertilize your orchids once a month in place of their regular water. A fish emulsion diluted for flowering plants works very well with orchids. If you use a chemical fertilizer, look for one that is balanced across all nutrients, such as a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer. Follow the directions indicated on the package for flowering plants.

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