The Best Solar Lights for a Garden

With the wide variety of solar lights that are available, it is easy to find the right kind for your garden, no matter what application you are using the lighting for. Solar lights can be used to help in setting a desired mood, as well as to light a pathway or small area, to bring the focus on certain elements or designs in a garden or to repel rodents and insects.

Solar Lights for Setting the Mood

Solar-powered party lights and hanging lanterns provide a warm, soft glow among a garden pathway and conversation area. Hanging lanterns can be hung from tree branches, bushes, overhangs and awnings, or from the many poles and hooks that come with lantern sets. Shepherds Frosted Lantern by Starlite Garden and Patio Torche Co. comes with a shepherds-hook-shaped pole that is easily inserted into the ground and stands upright to hold the lantern. Solar panels recharge during the day and the LED lighting provides a candelight atmosphere in the evening. Kettle Lantern Solar Garden Accent Light by the Brinkmann Corporation is sold in a set of two and comes with an adjustable aluminum hook that allows the user to adjust the height of the lamps. The lanterns are removable, which allows them to be used separately as table lanterns, giving them added versatility. These lights come pre-assembled and require no installation.

Solar Lights for Lighting the Way

Path torches and spotlights are designed to provide much-needed lighting in dark areas to prevent falls and for added security. These lights are necessary additions to gardens that are located away from streetlights and are especially useful for the elderly. Some of the best torch lamps and spotlights also have aesthetic qualities to provide not only the needed light but added warmth and decorative elements to the garden. Aspen Solar Accent Light, sold at is can be purchased in several colors to accent a walkway or deck in your own unique style. They are sold with deck and ground posts. The deck posts have screw holes so they can be screwed down to attach to a deck or patio and the ground poles are pointed on the ends to be easily inserted into the ground. The light is manufactured to provide continuous light from dusk till dawn. Gama Sonic Double Solar Lamp Post by Gama Sonic, an emergency light manufacturer established in 1985, comes in single or double lamp styles. This is a 19th century Victorian styled lamp post design that has been combined with eight super-bright LED lights in each lantern to provide ample lighting for any situation. The light automatically comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn.

Solar Lights for Pest Repellant

Solar powered bug zappers are ideal for warm summer nights when mosquitoes are abundant, and motion activated spotlights are useful for scaring away deer and rodents from your vegetable garden. The Motion-Activated 14 LED Security Floodlight by MAXSA Innovations provides spot lighting within 180 degrees and up to 35 feet away and the duration can be set from 10 seconds to four minutes of lighting. This short burst of light is just enough to scare away rodents and garden pests or other intruders to your garden. A set of four Solar Insect Zappers are available from Hammacher, Schlemmer & Company, Inc. that not only provide pathway lighting, but attack invading insects as well in the traditional bug-zapper style. These lights are easy to install and provide a long-lasting eight hours of protection on each charge.

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