Wild Strawberry Flowers & Gifts

The wild strawberry plant produces both fruit and flowers that make wonderful gifts. Strawberries are a popular fruit for everything from jams to pies. Simple pictures of these juicy red fruits have made their way into home decor, and strawberry scented items are used to bring the refreshing aroma of a strawberry field indoors. Fans of wild strawberry flowers and fruits will enjoy any of a wide range of wild strawberry themed gifts.

Wild Strawberry Spa Gift Set

The fresh scent of wild strawberries can be enjoyed all day long with a set of spa products that carry this delicious aroma. The Healing Waters gift set available at ArtOfAppreciation.com comes with wild strawberry body splash and hand and body lotion. These items are packaged with a plush teddy bear for a touching gift set appropriate to any occasion.

Wild Strawberry Seeds

You can purchase a package of wild strawberry seeds from Hirt's Gardens. This Woodland Wild Strawberry is native to California and produces fruit throughout the growing season. The strawberry plant will flower from April to July and can produce fruit from June through October. It may also flower again in the late fall. Whether your gift recipient is partial to the delicate white flowers or the juicy fruit, this plant is sure to provide.

Wild Strawberry Jam

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the flavor of wild strawberries is in a jam. The Wild Strawberry Jam made by Confiture a l'ancienne contains wild strawberries and pure cane sugar. While it can be enjoyed on a meal as simple as toast, it also makes a decadent topping for pie. This jam, imported from France, is a fine example of the rich flavor one can expect from wild strawberries.

Wild Strawberry Eggling

Egglings are the ultimate in simple gardening. Each egg shaped flower pot is already filled with peat and seeds. To grow the seeds, the recipient simply cracks the top of the egg and waters the contents. The Wild Strawberry Eggling will grow a wild strawberry plant for up to five months in the provided container before it must be replanted into a bigger area. You can find these unique Eggling gifts at GettingPersonal.co.uk.

Strawberry Flower Art Print

The wild strawberry plant yields a delicate white flower with a touch of buttery yellow in the center. Though these flowers are often overlooked in anticipation of the juicy fruit that will follow, they have inspired some refreshing pieces of artwork none the less. The Wild Strawberry Flowers Still Life Fine Art Print from RockyTopStudio.com is an example of one such piece. This picture captures wild strawberry flowers set in a blue tinted glass vase. The print is available in four different sizes with matting and framing options as well.

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