How to Care for Indoor Bamboo Plants in Water


If you're looking for an attractive, but low maintenance house plant, it doesn't get much easier than the bamboo plant. The bamboo plant, also called 'lucky bamboo,' is the just the plant for busy or forgetful folks, and is ideal for a low light office or apartment. Although the bamboo plant can grow in soil, it's usually grown in water with some colorful pebbles or gravel to hold it in place.

Step 1

Put the bamboo where it will be in bright, but indirect light. Although the bamboo plant will grow in shade, it will do better with a few hours of light each day. Avoid putting the bamboo plant on a windowsill, or in hot afternoon sun. Regular room temperatures will be fine for the bamboo plant.

Step 2

Change the water in the bamboo's container at least once every week, using bottled water, and keep the water at approximately the same level. If you use tap water, let the water sit out overnight so additives such as fluoride and chlorine have time to evaporate. Over time, a buildup of these chemicals can damage the bamboo plant.

Step 3

Add a drop of liquid houseplant fertilizer to the water once every other month. The bamboo will grow well even without fertilizer, so if you occasionally forget, the plant won't be adversely affected.

Things You'll Need

  • Bamboo plant
  • Bottled water
  • Liquid houseplant fertilizer


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