Amaryllis Varieties

Gardeners love the Hippeastrum species of the amaryllis plant for its ability to bloom indoors out of season, inspiring awe in our friends and neighbors as we work our winter magic. Whether you enjoy forced amaryllis blooms for the winter holidays or in late summer as a blooming bulb, there is an amaryllis selection for everyone thanks to the wide availability of a multitude of cultivars. Grown from bulbs, amaryllis produce a tall, thick stalk on which 4 to 6 large, lily-like flowers bloom. Varieties come in an array of striped and solid colors as well as single and double-blooming forms.

Solid colors

Red varieties include dusty red Desert Dawn, bright red Merry Christmas, and a true to hue Red Lion. White Christmas and White Giant are colors true to their name. Rio is a full pink beauty while Pink Star and Wonderland are both pink with white, star like midribs and centers. Salmon- or orange-hued selections include H. striatum and Bouquet. The new Yellow Pioneer is a full yellow variety.

Striped or variegated

Beautiful varieties with lots of interest and visual texture include Sydney, a white flower striped with crimson, and Razzle Dazzle, deep red with wide white bordered edges. Prince Carnival is another white sample with red striping. Meerow comes in several distinct examples in variations of white with pink striping.

Single bloom

Single bloom forms typically have 6 equal-sized petals. One of the most popular is the Apple Blossom, with creamy white and delicate pink markings. Green Goddess, white with a green throat, and Lemon and Lime, a chartreuse and green combination, are also pretty single blooms. Hermitage has a lovely form with perfectly shaped red petals with star-like white striping.

Double bloom

Double blooms contain a second layer and sometimes third layer of petals. The most interesting include Lady Jane and Pasadena, pink and red respectively with white striping on each. Double Picotee has white centered petals with lovely red edging.

Other flower forms

The hybrid Amputo is a lovely white specimen with a lime green throat and wavy edged petals. Ruby Meyer, a deep red cultivar, and Rio Negro, a pink variety, are both part of a class of amaryllis with narrow, lance shaped petals creating a more sinewy looking flower form. LePaz and Lima are both a narrow petaled form, with variegated red, pink, crimson and white coloring.

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