Backyard Fountain Ideas

Backyard fountains are soothing additions to any landscape. The soft trickle of water enhances your outdoor living space or your garden. Backyard fountains can be simple to make from gardening, household and plumbing materials you may already have on hand.

Rustic Pitcher Fountain

A rustic planter fountain will fit in with rural and woodsy backyard settings. You can also place this type of fountain as an accent in your garden. The fountain is constructed with one terra cotta planter as the reservoir and one terra cotta pitcher as the fountain. The pitcher is tilted to flow into the planter reservoir. Water is recycled from the planter back to the pitcher via plastic tubing. You can camouflage the tubing with plants or decorative stones.

Tea Cup Fountain

A copper tea cup fountain is an eclectic addition to your backyard décor. The basic structure is a tree formation with copper pipe as the center trunk and copper tubing branches soldered on both sides. The branches can curve up or down, and have tea cups attached to saucers hanging from the ends. Holes in the copper tubing immediately on top of the tea cups and in both the tubing and the pipe at the connection points allow water to flow from the reservoir into the cups. The copper tree stands in an underground reservoir, which can be a sealed planter. The top end of the pipe is capped, so that when water is forced up from the reservoir, it can only flow through the copper tubing branches.

Tiered Planter Fountain

A tiered planter fountain also uses copper pipe as the center structure. It allows water to flow up from the largest planter at the base, which is also the reservoir, and out of the top of the copper pipe. There are at least two more planters stationed along the length of the vertical copper pipe, each one smaller than the last. The copper pipe is threaded through the drainage holes in the planters, then the holes are sealed. The planters rest on copper tubing platforms that are soldered to the pipe. Water flows from the top of the copper pipe, into the first planter. The first planter overflows into the next planter on the pipe, all the way to the bottom reservoir planter.

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