The Best Electric Cordless Mowers

An electric mower ends the gardener's dependence on gasoline for power. It is quieter to operate and does not emit noxious fumes. Cordless mowers extend the range of usage operations, since the user is no longer hampered by the length of the power cord and the nearness of an electric outlet. Learning about the best electric cordless mowers on the market helps the homeowner find a machine that works best for the lawn grass' unique needs and the hobbyist's gardening requirements.

Cordless Mulching Mower

The mulching mower lets the lawn benefit from the nutrients that grass clippings return to the soil. The best electric cordless mowers in this category allow users to convert them to bagging or side-discharging the grass clippings. Battery voltage varies; standard batteries come as 12-, 24- or 36 volt models. Choosing a higher battery voltage extends the amount of time the mower can operate without interruption. For example, a 12-volt battery can provide more than 30 minutes of mowing time on an average lawn; a 36-volt battery offers three times as much usage time. Homeowners should pick voltage with their lawn grasses' needs and personal mowing schedules in mind. Thick and tall grass takes more power to cut and this drains the cordless mower's battery faster, thereby reducing the amount of mowing time one battery charge provides. An example of thick grass that may present a challenge is the St. Augustine variety.

Cordless Reel Mower

Traditional reel mowers rely on human strength to push them forward. As the wheels turn, they power the blades. Cordless electric reel mowers still rely on human power, but mostly to guide them forward. The motor powers the blades, which then cut the lawn. The advantage of the reel mower is its light weight, even with the batteries installed. While the average cordless lawnmower weighs about 76 lbs., an average cordless reel mower weighs in at about 35 lbs. or less. The best electric cordless mowers in this category will be able to handle thicker grasses, like St. Augustine, and feature an attachable grass catcher.

Cordless Riding Mower

The electric riding mower is good choice for property owners with grassy areas that are too large for conventional push mowers. These mowers come with varying engine power ratings; for example, some engines offer 14 horse power while others may provide 16- or even up to 24 horse power. Smaller horse power engines are suitable for smaller properties; for instance, property owners with grassy areas measuring up to one acre will have enough power with a 14 horse power engine. In addition to comfortably cutting larger lawns, cordless riding mowers also come with a number of attachment options. The best electric cordless mowers in this category will offer the user versatility for secondary uses, such as plowing, tilling and towing.

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