Flowers That Thrive in the Sun

If you have a garden that gets six or more hours of sun per day, consider yourself very fortunate; you have your pick of a vast array of flowers that will thrive in your garden. As an added bonus, most sun-loving flowers are also easy-care and somewhat drought tolerant. From tropical flowers to woodland flowers, the full-sun gardener will have no problem finding color for her garden.


This plant lives for sunshine. The coreopsis is, after all, related to the sunflower. The yellow and red flowers look a bit more like daisies than sunflowers, attract butterflies and grow on stalks that can reach 4 feet in height. Coreopsis loves warm weather and is generally drought-tolerant. It is hardy to USDA zones 3 to 9.


Growing lavender, either in the garden or in pots on the patio, is like living next door to a perfumery. Lavender is a highly fragrant flower, and the more alkaline the soil, the stronger the aroma will get. Lavender thrives in full, warm sun, isn't particular about the soil it is grown in and, once established, is drought-tolerant. You can grow lavender in USDA zones 5a to 9b.

Black-Eyed Susan

When you plant black-eyed Susan you will also get the bees, butterflies and birds who are highly attracted to this plant. The yellow, daisy-like flower has a dark, almost black center. The black-eyed Susan needs full sun, will grow to 36 inches in height and blooms profusely in mid-summer to early fall. Hardy to USDA zones 5a to 10b.

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