What Are Hydroponic Tomatoes?


Hydroponic tomatoes are tomatoes that are grown hydroponically. Hydroponics, literally translated, means "water working." In the gardening world, hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. With a few essentials, a home gardener can grow hydroponic tomatoes in his garden or home.

How Hydroponics Works

Hydroponics scientifically proves that soil itself is not needed to grow plants; the plant only needs the nutrients that are in the soil. A hydroponic gardener completely controls the environment in which their tomatoes are grown.


Hydroponic tomatoes have several benefits over those that are grown in the ground. Tomatoes grown in soil are at risk of soil-borne diseases. In the soil, tomatoes also have to compete for the nutrients with weeds. Weeds can rob the nutrients from the tomatoes, causing the fruit to suffer. Hydroponically-grown tomatoes require far less water than those grown in the garden, because no water is lost to drainage.


A basic hydroponic set includes a set of pots with holes in the bottom, a tank in which the hydroponic solution is held, and a pump that circulates the solution around the plant's roots. Hydroponic solution contains essential nutrients that enable the plants to grow to their fullest potential.


Interest in hydroponics in the started around 1925. At that time, farmers noted that the nutrient solution that hydroponics uses is far less expensive than replacing soil every growing season.


Growing hydroponic tomatoes sounds difficult and intimidating, but it's not. Most hydroponic gardeners say that growing hydroponically is far less stressful and more rewarding than growing tomatoes in a traditional garden. There is no need to replenish soil with compost and no need to mulch plants to prevent moisture loss. With hydroponics, all you need are a few basic items and tomato seeds.

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