Unique Garden Home Gifts

If there's an avid gardener in your life, odds are he'd enjoy a unique gift for his home and garden. Avid gardeners probably likely have everything they need to manage their gardens, so gifts that focus on enjoying that garden might be most appropriate. There are a variety of gifts you can choose from that are both highly customizable and a little bit different.


Gather herbs and edible flowers from your herb garden and dry them out. Add them to small muslin bags to make your own custom tea-bag blend. Add your tea bags to a decorative tea pot or floral tea cups for a unique garden spin on a tea gift set. Make decorative cards that list the ingredients in each tea bag. Bring the set to your friend's house and surprise her with tea in her own garden.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones allow you to create a highly customized garden gift. Garden centers and craft stores sell stepping stone molds with plaster that you mix and pour. Press stones, hand prints, paw prints, trinkets and other items that remind you of your gift recipient. Paint on a special message if you like, and seal it with clear craft resin.

Floral Wishes

Gifts.com offers a gift called Floral Wishes. This set includes seeds for flowers that have been historically symbolic for attracting love, clarity and friendship. Your friend plants the seeds in pots or in her garden---and as the flowers grow, she'll be constantly reminded of each plant's message.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Next time you visit your gift recipient's garden, snap a few photos or have someone take a picture of you together in the garden. Contact a company like Personal Wine and have a custom home-garden-themed wine label made. Attach this to his favorite kind of wine and add it to a nice basket.

Photo Collage

Take photos of his garden at the peak of its blooms. Create a photo montage or a series of framed photos that he can add to his home. This will allow him to enjoy his garden all year long, even when it's snowing outside. Have the photo frames embossed or engraved to add an extra touch of personalization.

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