Kid's Garden Crafts Ideas

Gardening helps kids learn about nature and about where our food comes from. Their involvement in gardening doesn't have to end when the seeds are all planted, the weeds are all pulled and there's little left to do but watch and wait. Gardening craft ideas can keep kids enmeshed in gardening all season long.

Plant Markers

Plant markers are essentially labels on stakes that help identify what plant is growing in a given location. Kids can make these easily by gluing the seed packets to sticks or garden stakes. If you don't have the seed packets, kids can make and decorate paper labels and the adults can press them between two sheets of contact paper to help them stand up against the weather.


Scarecrows are garden decorations meant to scare off birds and land animals that would otherwise eat your growing crops. Once the adults create the kid-sized wooden crosses, kids can dress their scarecrows with their old clothes, such as old shirts, hats and overalls. Cardboard circles make for east to decorate faces and attach easily to the wooden cross. Other options for head include pumpkins, wood circle cut-outs or straw-filled sacks.

Gazing Balls

Gazing balls are decorative garden items that can help attract butterflies and birds because of their bright colors. To make one, cover a foam craft ball in mosaic tile grout and allow the kids to press brightly colored mosaic tiles into the grout until the ball is completely colored. These can be placed on the ground, in a bird bath or on a gazing ball stand.


Kids can make planters out of virtually anything. Old milk cartons, tires, plastic soda bottles and old shoes are just a few examples of items easily turned into flower pots and planters. Line the side of your garden or a spot on your patio with these pots so each child can nurture his very own plant while also watching the rest of the garden grow.

Wind Chimes

Make garden wind chimes to mimic the sounds of nature. Tie several foot-long lengths of fishing line to a cross made out of two 6- to 8-inch sticks. Thread buttons, small toys, soda can tabs, bottle caps, old fishing lures and any other items whose sounds you enjoy. Hang in a windy spot and listen to your chimes as they blow in the breeze.

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