How to Plant Annual Plugs


Planting plugs for your annual flowers and vegetables, instead of starting them from seeds, will give you earlier harvesting and more enjoyment.

Planting Plugs to the Garden

Step 1

Select the areas of your garden that you wish to plant the annual plugs. Different annual flowers and vegetables require different light and space needs. By deciding where you plan to plant your annual plugs in your garden before you buy them, you will be able to select the appropriate plants for the location.

Step 2

Water your plugs one half hour to an hour before you plan to plant them in your garden. Because the small plant plug stems and foliage are tender, it is advisable to water them by placing the flat containing the plugs in a shallow pan with an inch or less of water. At the same time you are watering your plugs, make sure the areas of your garden where the plugs will be planted contains moist soil.

Step 3

Using a hand trowel, dig a small hole for your plug in your garden. Add a trowel full of multi-purpose compost to the hole and with the trowel work it into the soil. When you are done, the hole should be about a half an inch to an inch larger than the plug in width, and about an inch or less deeper than the plug roots.

Step 4

Pinch gently the bottom of the container your plug is in to remove it so you do not injure the roots of the plug. Because the top of the plug plant is fragile, it is much better to remove your plugs from the containers from the bottom.

Step 5

Plant your plug in the hole you made for it. Make sure soil is filled in around the roots and gently packed down. Spacing between your planted plugs will depend on what annual you planted and the size it will ultimately be.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant plugs-from local garden center, mail order or grow your own
  • Large pan
  • Garden hand trowel
  • Multi-purpose compost


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