How to Attach a Trellis to the Top of a Fence


A trellis in the garden adds an architectural detail to your landscape, support heavy plants and provide more growing room for your vines, plants or produce. It can be secured to a wall, into the ground and on top of a fence. Make sure to consider the type of plants you are going to support, as a trellis attached to the top of a fence will have more trouble supporting very heavy plants such as melons or fast-growing vines. There are some important things to remember when securing a trellis to a fence, such as proper tools and making sure the trellis is not going to fall off.

Step 1

Pick a sturdy area of your fence that can hold the trellis.

Step 2

Examine the fence. If it is a metal chain link fence, you can just use the top of the trellis along with some sturdy plastic ties. If it is a wood or stone fence, you will need the power drill and trellis hooks.

Step 3

Set the top open holes of the trellis over the top of the chain link fence where it link juts out. Try to set it as evenly as possible, slowly letting go to make sure it is hung. Use the plastic ties to secure the trellis further to the chain link holes, making sure to focus on the left, right and middle.

Step 4

Position the trellis against the fence if it is wood or stone. The key is to make sure the trellis is secured firmly to the fence so it won't fall over from the weight of a growing plant or vine. Use a level to make sure the trellis is even on the wall, and mark the top left and right side so you know where to drill hook holes.

Step 5

Use the drill to create holes for the trellis hooks, right on the spot you marked. Carefully insert a hook into each of the holes, twisting it if necessary to get it deep.

Step 6

Pick up the trellis firmly and set it onto the hooks through the top holes in the trellis, making sure that it is firmly and evenly against the fence.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Trellis
  • Power drill
  • Trellis hooks


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