Varieties of Long-Stem White Roses

Long-stem white roses are not only beautiful but a popular cut flower to use in floral arrangements for weddings and other occasions. However, there are several different varieties of white rose available with each having its own unique characteristic. In the language of flowers, a white rose means innocence or purity.


The Akito rose is the most popular white rose purchased for weddings. It is a pure white rose with a broad, flat, medium to large flower head. It opens fully and has a slight fragrance. The Akito rose is considered to be true white or snow white.


Bianca is an ivory white or rice white rose with a high petal count. It has a medium-size to large flower head. The Bianca rose may have some green tint in the outer petals. Also, the Bianca rose may not open completely or uniformly if cut in the bud stage.


The Eskimo variety of white rose has a smaller head than other white rose varieties but opens uniformly to a nice star shape. It is a pure white rose with a slight green coloration in the bud stage. The Eskimo rose is a good rose to use for corsage work or boutonnieres.

Pope John Paul Hybrid Tea

The Pope John Hybrid Tea rose is an outstanding white rose that is easier to grow in the garden than hybrids produced for the florist trade. It has a creamy white large flower head with a citrus scent. The flower heads of the Pope John Hybrid Tea rose will not be as uniform as the other rose varieties mentioned if it is grown in the garden instead of a climate-controlled greenhouse. Also, the stems will not be as strong or thick as the florist hybrids.

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