Gerbera Margarita Care


Margarita gerbera daisies are annual and perennial flowering plants belonging to the gerbera jamesonnii genus of plants in the aster family. Margarita gerberas bloom in the summer and fall in hues of pink and yellow. They grow as annuals in climates below USDA Zone 8 and as a perennial in USDA Zones 8 through 10. The require ample sun and well-draining soil to prevent rot. Gerberas are grown as garden plants, as indoor plants and for use as cut flowers.

Step 1

Provide a planting and growing site for your margarita gerbera plants that receives a minimum of six to eight hours each day of direct sunshine. Blooming and plant health will diminish without ample sunlight.

Step 2

Water your gerbera consistently to keep the soil lightly and evenly moist but never soaking wet. The fleshy tubular stems of gerbera are highly susceptible to mildew, mold and rot when exposed to over-wet soil. Always irrigate the soil around the root ball and refrain from watering gerberas overhead, which can also cause rot and damage the appearance of the blooms.

Step 3

Feed your gerbera with a balanced and complete fertilizer formula with a guaranteed analysis of 10-10-10 according to label directions. Feed indoor gerberas with any good water-soluble houseplant fertilizer, again following the product label directions.

Step 4

Harvest gerberas at their peak bloom for use in cut flower arrangements by cutting the stem down at the crown of the plant between the leaves.

Step 5

Place the cut flowers in a clean vase with fresh cool water treated with a floral preservative or a few drops of household bleach and 1 tsp. of sugar. Submerge the stem no more than a third of the way up in the water to reduce rot and recut the stem by 1/4 inch each day. Replace the water and floral preservative daily to increase the lifespan of the cut bloom.

Things You'll Need

  • 10-10-10 fertilizer
  • Scissors
  • Shredded bark mulch


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