How to Arrange Different Colors of Knockout Roses in a Garden


The family of Knock Out roses was developed and licensed by the Conrad Pyle Co. They are rose shrubs that are easy to care for, self-cleaning, cold hardy, heat tolerant, and highly resistant to disease. There are several cultivars of double- or single-petal Knock Out roses that range in color from medium pink and coral red to deep crimson red and yellow. They are striking when planted en masse and the colors are all fairly warm toned. Mixing two or three cultivars of similar hues will produce a more uniform and sedate look while mixing three or more contrasting hues will produce a more rambunctious and energetic feel to the garden.

Step 1

Intersperse Knock Out roses with two contrasting colors such as pink and yellow adjacent to one another for a bright, lively and fresh combination of plants. Alternate the two plant colors or create a pattern such as the yellow rose shrubs encircling a center of pure pink rose.

Step 2

Arrange a bed of Knock Out roses using three or more different cultivars in sections with a gradation from the the lightest color bloom to the deepest or darkest color. This can be done working from left to right, right to left, or even from front to back in a very deep bed.

Step 3

Group single colors of Knock Out roses in large drifts or blocks of color surrounded by or adjacent to other massings of a complementary or contrasting color. Consider planting a block of deep crimson roses next to a block of the coral red variety and a block of yellow for a dramatic effect.

Things You'll Need

  • Knock Out rose shrubs in two or more colors


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