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Garden ornaments and statues add decor to yards and gardens. An ornament or statue helps to express part of the gardener's personality. A simple ornament can express whimsy, patriotism, faith or a love of animals or children. Lawn and garden ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, and range in price from just a few dollars to several thousand. Shop and do research before deciding on which ornament or statue best suits your needs and tastes.

Gazing Balls

A gazing ball--also known as yard globe--is an orb with a reflective finish. Traditionally, the balls were made of mirrored glass. Now gazing balls are also be made of highly-polished metals like stainless steel. The history of gazing balls is unclear. Most historians say they were first used in 13th-century Venice, but some say that similar reflective balls were used in gardens and yards long before then. Gazing balls are usually set on top of stands and placed in a garden, but larger ones are often placed directly on the ground. The reflective surface enables a person to see a large portion of the garden or yard reflected on the surface of the ball.

Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes are one of the most recognized garden ornament. These statuettes are typically 12 to 18 inches high and look like old dwarfs. Garden gnomes are based on the magical sprightly gnomes in German children's literature and are purported to have magical and protective powers. Place garden gnomes under the shade of trees, bushes, and tall plants. There is a subculture of garden gnome lovers who collect gnomes to place in their gardens and yards. It is not unusual for a collector to pay hundreds of dollars for a single gnome. This subculture was even the subject of an episode of the animated series "The King of the Hill."

Bird Baths

Bird baths bring life to a garden, literally. Birds are attracted to bird baths by the opportunity to drink and bathe. Bird baths actually attract more bird visitors than bird houses and bird feeders. If you'd like to add a bird bath to your garden, make sure that the pedestal is level and that the basin sits on it securely. Ideally, the basin should be 3 inches deep at its deepest point and shallower around the edges.

Religious Garden Statues

Add a few religious garden statues to create a peaceful, meditative space. Religious statues are as old as humanity. Religious garden statues include depictions of Christ, various saints, Buddha, Ganesh and other religious icons. Consider spiritual stories when placing your religious garden statue. For instance, place an angel on a high pedestal to give the illusion of floating among the plants. Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting under a tree; place a garden statue of Buddha under the shade of a tree or large plant.

DIY Lawn Ornaments

Make your own lawn ornaments to express yourself in a way that mass-produced, commercially available products cannot. Use durable materials, such as metal, stone, cement, or wood, to create a piece of ornamental garden art to decorate your yard. Examples include one-of-a-kind garden signs, mosaic garden plaques and sculptures made of wire or scraps of metal.

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