Landscaping Ideas for All Season Evergreen Plants

With their evergreen color that remains true all year round, these stunning plants add balance and height to the landscape. A tall and magnificent cedar or low growing juniper creates presence in a winter garden. Trim evergreens into unusual shapes to add unexpected designs to the landscape. With their ability to not drop their leaves, evergreens are also low maintenance.

Dramatic Topiaries

Evergreen plants make for elegant all season topiaries that create interesting focal points around the landscape. Junipers create magnificent topiaries because of their soft foliage. They can be pruned into almost any shape and look lovely along a garden wall or flanked on either side of a garden path. Small evergreens like boxwood look stunning trimmed into ball shapes and tucked into large containers to be placed along a garden patio or under an outdoor pergola.

Evergreen Path

Large evergreens like cedar and laurel do a magnificent job at defining an area inside the landscape. Plant them along a walkway to create rambling green path through the garden. Tall evergreens along a path also double as a garden wall to protect the home from high winds and other elements. Line a gravel walkway with evergreen yews and holly bushes for a contrasting path design. Holly bushes and their red berries add a bit of color to the evergreen design and can also be used in wreaths and bouquets.

Low Growing Evergreens

Add low growing evergreens like creeping juniper around your rock gardens and other flower beds. Creeping juniper contrasts nicely with flower blooms and helps define perennial beds with their vibrant green color. Another low growing evergreen is the red cedar. This multi-branched shrub has glossy green and textured foliage that resembles a mop. Add this showy evergreen along a front bed or around a favorite shade tree, as an unexpected elegance.

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