What Are the Plants That Can Be Used As an Air Purifier?

Plants can add color to any room, and some plants can be used as an air purifier. The plant will absorb the toxins in the air as it absorbs the oxygen it needs to survive. Some of these toxins are benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. If you want to keep the air purified in your home, you can use a variety of plants to keep the toxic level down.

Plants to Purify Air of Formaldehyde

Plants that you can keep indoors to help purify the air of formaldehyde are Boston ferns, orchids, gerbera daisy, English ivy and azaleas. Formaldehyde is a toxin that is caused by such things as natural gas, cigarette smoke, carpet backing, water repellents and particle board and foam insulation. The toxin can cause a rare type of throat cancer, headaches and irritation of the throat, eyes and nose. You will only need two or three plants one area to clean that formaldehyde from the air.

Plants to Purify Air of Trichloroethylene

You can use many plants to purify the air from the toxin trichloroethylene, such as the English ivy, bamboo, areca palm, ficus Benjamin, mum, peace lily, gerbera daisy and kentia palms. Trichloroethylene is caused by adhesives, varnishes, paints, inks and lacquers. The toxin can cause neurotoxicity and irregular heart rhythm. You can place two or three plants in the room to keep the air purified by the plants.

Plants to Purify Air of Benzene

Plants that can be used to clean and purify the air of benzene are chrysanthemums, mums, peace lily, Madagascar dragon tree, English ivy, golden pathos and dwarf scheffleras. Benzene comes from synthetic fibers, cigarette smoke, pharmaceuticals, gasoline, detergents, dyes and paints. The toxin can cause nervousness, loss of appetite, headaches and eye and skin irritation. Use two to three plants in one area to purify the air of the benzene toxin.

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