Plants That Live by Swamps

Swamps, found through various humid climates around the world, aren't very accommodating to plant life due to low oxygen levels and other factors such as frequent flooding. Depending on the type of swamp, the types of plants that flourish in the region vary in type. From hardy conifers to grasses and invasive plants, swamp flora proves to be an interesting part of a swamp's ecosystem.

Black Gum Tree

A hardwood tree of the tupelo family, the black gum tree adapts to swampy areas by developing buttressed limbs and roots to keep it alive in a flooded environment. Black gum trees live to be over 450 years old and are widely dispersed throughout the world. They thrive in a variety of climates and are often the first trees to have leaves that change color during the autumn season.

Climbing Fern

The Old World climbing fern proves to be an invasive species near swamp regions such as the Florida Everglades. Much like kudzu, an invasive vine, climbing fern grows over shrubs, trees and the ground. It consumes nearly everything, suffocating foliage of other plants in the area. The climbing fern provides further fire hazard to areas in which it thrives, providing a trail on which fire follows to the canopies of neighboring trees.

Pond Apple

Also known as the monkey apple, alligator apple and corkwood, the pond apple thrives in swamp regions throughout Florida, South America and parts of Africa. It's tolerant of poor water conditions, including brackish and salt water and can only grow in wet soil. The fruit of the pond apple is edible and sweet with light green skin and a round shape.

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