What Trees Have Flowers?

Trees can add dignity to a garden, providing height and a majestic canopy that offers shade and a safe harbor for wildlife. Flowering trees offer additional magic, adding extra ornamental value to a garden and often times sending a fragrance throughout the yard that attracts butterflies and birds.

Meyer Lemon

The Meyer lemon (Citrus meyeri) is a low growing citrus tree, reaching a demure height of between 6 to 10 feet. Originally native to China, the Meyer lemon is commonly grown in warm and temperate regions, valued for its fruits and its flowers. The Meyer lemon produces clusters of extremely fragrant pinkish white flowers that attract butterflies. The fruit of the tree is slightly sweeter than other lemon varieties. Meyer lemons should be planted in moist soils in full sun locations.

Japanese Mockorange

Japanese mockorange (Pittosporum tobira) is a low growing evergreen tree that reaches a maximum height of about 15 feet. Frequently grown as an ornamental, Japanese mockorange boasts attractive oval leaves and clusters of tiny white blooms. The tree gets its name from its flowers, which produce a sweet fragrance similar to an orange blossom. Japanese mockorange can be planted in full sun or shade, in moderately moist soils.

Desert Willow

Native to the Chihuahuan, Sonoran and Mojave deserts of the United States, desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) is a small growing deciduous tree that reaches an average height of about 25 feet. Though the desert willow is not technically a willow, that tree has a similar cascading appearance, complete with slender gray green leaves. In mid spring to late summer, the tree produces spectacular purple and white flowers that have an orchid like appearance. Desert willow can be found in sunny locations along desert washes and stream banks.

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