Garden Chore List for June and July

June and July tend to be the middle months of gardening season, and they can be the most tedious months in some areas of the country. These two months have hot, long days and many of the garden chores are not as enjoyable as planting and harvesting times are.

Weed Control

June and July are usually the months where everything in the garden is growing--including weeds. This is the time of year the garden may feel more like a burden than a blessing, because if plants are too close there could be problems with crowding, and getting into the thick of things to pull out the weeds may take a bit more effort. If you leave the garden alone at this point, the weeds will take over. Pulling new weeds daily or weekly is the easiest way to deal with this chore. If you leave the weeding for later, you may find yourself looking at a large job that seems almost impossible.


Since June and July are often hot and dry, one of the chores you may have is to provide extra water for your plants. You can make this less of a chore if you also add additional mulch around the garden to help slow evaporation. Depending upon the climate you live in--how hot the days are and how much rainfall you receive--you may need to irrigate the garden two to three times per week throughout June and July. Vegetables may need a full inch of water each week, while fruit bushes and trees may need 1 or 2 gallons of water per week, depending on their growing conditions. Add 2 to 4 inches of fresh organic mulch such as hay or wood chips to trees, bushes and the vegetable garden patch to help the plants retain moisture throughout these summer months.

Pest Control

Depending upon what types of fruits and vegetables you're growing, you may find that June and July are prime months for pest problems. Rabbits enjoy salad greens and tomatoes that are often ready for picking in these months, birds will devour your fruit and deer may nibble on everything they find. Common garden chores during the summer involve trying to combat the local wildlife population. You may need to erect rabbit and deer fences around your garden, and drape bird netting around the fruit bushes.

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